Where we get fit and spin (wool)

My very first post

Since this is my first post,  I thought I would use it to define myself and what this blog will be.  I originally wanted to name it “too many hobbies”, but that was already taken. However, that is me.  I don’t define myself by my work or my children, I define myself by my extra-curricular activities.

Here they are:

  • Christianity- I won’t blog as much about that, as I certainly don’t care for religious arguments, but it certainly influences everything else
  • Fiber- this would be stuff you spin, not eat.  Wool mostly, since it is the easiest to get and use, but other things as well. This incorporates dyeing, weaving, knitting, spinning, carding, etc, etc. Not much felting though, I’m not into that as much.
  • Karate – I am a bit obsessive about this. I’m not a violent person, I just love the moves and how it feels to perform them. I do have to admit, I love hitting “Bob”. (the dummy) If I had more time, I would take ju jitsu too.
  • Horses- not as much about them. I’m ambivalent about them. I have a 4 year old, and I am riding him, but I
    me sitting on a three year old black morgan horse.

    Romeo last year

    am feeling a bit timid. He is well behaved, but I am not young.

  • Fitness and nutrition- I am obsessed with these topics, fueled by the karate and the fear of death. Ok, I’m a Christian, so not death per se, but of dying, especially of the loss of functioning that occurs with age. I don’t have the greatest family history in that regard, so I am a living experiment in nature vs nurture.
  • Politics- again, a minor topic. Too many people spend way too much time discussing politics, but I will vent here when it drives me absolutely bat-tastic-crazy.
  • Miscellaneous- reading, archery, maybe hunting if my husband talks me into it. Small amount about kids (grown).  Maybe some sewing if I work up the nerve. Movies, but only if they really impress me, good or bad.       Has anyone seen “Hero”? A Chinese martial arts movie. Chinese martial arts movies are an acquired taste, but so beautiful.

So, that is about the size of it all. I hope someone will enjoy reading it.


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