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Pod casts

How could I forget podcasts yesterday when delineating what topics will be in this blog? I LOVE podcasts. The reasons are many, but you have the combination of portability, privacy, and choice. Of course, this overlaps with my love of my ipod.  Music has never been a great love of mine, although I do enjoy it much more since getting the ipod. Podcasts provide so much entertainment and information. The variety that is available is astounding. Stories, news, information, entertainment, it’s all there. Every hobby I have, there is someone out there podcasting about it.  Karate? Practical Defense. Nutrition? The nutrition Diva. I have three for fitness, I don’t have a Christian one right now, since Albert Mohler quit, but I’ll find one I like. I will try and link all my favorites, but they are also on I tunes, where I found them.

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