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Why Karate?


practicing some of the moves of a sai kata.

practicing some of the moves of a sai kata.


A lot of people ask me why I got into karate, especially at my age, being a girl, etc.  I didn’t decide to do it out of the blue. Gary, my husband got interested because some of his friends at work were doing it, so he joined. I had just had knee surgery, so I didn’t join right away, but he was asking me to go. When my knee got better I joined and I loved it. Allow me to enumerate the reasons:

  1. Physical fitness and ability. Through karate and the requirements necessary to perform the moves, I have had to work out on a daily basis. I can do things now that I couldn’t do when I was 20.
  2. Appearance. Building all those muscles and learning how to carry myself better does not hurt the looks. I have gotten “wolf whistled” in the past year.  I wonder if the young man who did it would get embarrassed if he knew how old I was!
  3. Confidence. I’m not crazy, I never forget how small I am, but knowing how to fight gives me more confidence  in confrontations. Anyone who is a small woman, especially those who has had physical assaults in the past, would understand how important that is.
  4. Grace. This is more intangible, but it feels so good to be in touch with my body. I love doing the kata’s and feeling how my body moves and meeting my expectations of how a move should be performed.  I suppose dancing would give me the same thing, but I wouldn’t get all the other benefits from dance.
  5. Exercising the brain!!! This is one form of exercise that engages your brain. You have to memorize all the katas and techniques, and there are a lot of them.

So there you are. I hope to be doing karate till I die. I hated my body when I was younger. I was well aware I had no hobbies that involved exercise. Now I went from making friends with my body to loving it. I love being fully integrated, with a strong mind- body connection.


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