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I love anything that makes healthy eating easier, and this article  about snacks from yahoo Shine does that. I’m not saying the ideas in the article are perfect, lets face it, snacks are always dangerous. However, they definitely are the lesser of evils, as vending machines are fraught with danger. This spurs many ideas that I have about healthy snacking/ eating. For one thing, I firmly believe in not letting yourself get too hungry. If you do that, you are more susceptible to temptation. I can resist donuts and cookies at work as I have plenty to eat, and I eat often. I know there is some controversy over frequent eating, some people claim it boosts your metabolism, others say no. I simply say, I like to eat, and I get hungry often, especially at work. I work out in the morning, and walk at lunch time, so I am burning most of my calories before lunch. May I suggest, if you’re like me, instead of snacking per se, eat the same foods you would eat for a meal. I often eat a sandwich at 10:00, or a bowl of soup. Why eat empty calories, rather than nutritious foods?

What ideas do you have for healthy eating? Do you have any snack alternatives?


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