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supercharged workout

One workout does not a trend make, but I did things a little different today, and had a fantastic workout. I usually eat my oatmeal while warming up, as the general advice is not to workout on an empty stomach. Today I skipped it, but had my coffee as 1/2 coffee, half skim- lactose free milk, with a spoonful of sugar. Halfway through I went for a refill. I wonder if the straight sugar and easy digestibility of liquid calories are what made me so energetic. I will try it again on Thursday, and if the results are the same, that’ll be my new routine. I’ve been thinking about getting protein powder and adding that to my breakfast in some form, but there seems to be so much controversy, including contamination of the products, that I’ve avoided it.

Any thoughts on the protein powder? Some nutritionists say that unless you are a body builder, most Americans actually get too much protein in their diets. Others say the timing is important, and that it helps rebuild muscle after a heavy workout.


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  1. I drink a protein shake almost every morning and it makes a huge difference to me. You can get all natural protein, but it costs more. I go middle of the road, not the cheapest, not the best.

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