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Everything in life is more complicated than you think it is. Blogging. You think it is essay writing for the masses, self expression for all. Which it is. BUT, it is also a competition, a business opportunity, a game. He who has the most “traffic” wins.

This was brought home to me the other day. Two recent articles put out by an online version of a woman’s magazine were extremely controversial and in one case, offensive. This aroused a storm of blog posts and discussion in my podcasts.  Then one of the podcasters pointed out that this was intentional, that as in previous forms of media, all publicity is good publicity. They were right, I had never heard of the online version of the magazine, and hadn’t thought the print version still existed. Which is why I am not mentioning their name here, to deny them their desire. Another blogger made the point that she is feuding with a fellow blogger, and this is raising both their traffic ratings.

I may say some very controversial things here. I have strong opinions. I hope that I can refrain from doing so, just to gain readership. There is enough real controversy out there, without stirring the pot just watch people’s feathers fly.


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