Where we get fit and spin (wool)

I have controversial ideas, and this one might drive people nuts, who knows? Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about feminism lately, mostly because another blog I read, The Gooseberry bush, has that as a common theme. Anyway, I didn’t want to reply to her posts, mostly because I have no desire to argue her points, but they made me think what my position is. I think in its purist form, modern feminism is fatally flawed. It is like arguing that if we raise boys and girls the same, they will be the same. It flies in the face of human nature. Human societies have always divided labor by gender, mostly due to physical and temperamental limits.

Then modern notion that we are all equal is ridiculous, like children crying “that’s not fair”. Just like those children, we want equality when it suits us. I don’t mean just women, all people suffer from the “I want my rights” syndrome. We are not all equal. I exercise daily, including strength training. My husband does not, yet he is far stronger than I am. Life isn’t fair, we just do the best we can.

This is not to say there are not real injustices. But injustice is injustice. Not to be separated by race or gender. If I am unkind or nasty to someone, cheat them, rob them or exploit them, it is wrong, whether I do it on the basis of their race, gender or ethnicity or just because I don’t like that person.

One the the points gooseberry makes is that a famous male feminist supporter didn’t leave a will providing for his female partner at his death. Why should he if they were equal? The point probably is that they weren’t, that he probably provided for her in his lifetime, leaving her destitute at his death. While that is a horrible human tragedy, it  is not a case for feminism, rather a case for poor planning or bad human relations. Men who treat their wives badly treat other people badly. Abusive men are violent men. Their violence is often not limited to their family members.

The reason I dislike feminist talk is that it is still pitting people against each other. To say “you have to respect me as a woman”, is saying what? What is wrong with saying “you have to respect me.” Feminism seems to give women the right to put men down. How is that benefiting anyone? We should be lifting each other up, rather than putting each other down. If you view life through a suspicious lens, waiting for the other side to let you down or hurt you, every instance you find will support your cause.  A self fulfilling prophecy if you will.

I don’t need some special recognition because I have certain body parts or hormones. Breast cancer is not more prevalent than prostate cancer, so where are their pink ribbons? I thank God that people come together and care about breast cancer, but how about all the rest of the body? I hope I am being clear. I am not putting women down, or saying we should be second class citizens. We have plenty of modern cultures that can still demonstrate how horribly women can be treated. But that is simply bad behavior. Bad behavior extends beyond gender lines. It is one example of how poorly humans can behave, not a separate issue.

I think men are wonderful. Do they have their limits and weaknesses? Of course. But I could give you instance after instance where men in my life have risen above themselves, gone above and beyond for their wives, family and community. We all have our weaknesses, the frailties of human nature, and both men and women have to fight their baser natures to excel. Our weaknesses generally aren’t the same, along gender lines. Thank God.

Ok, if I do have any readers out there, I imagine this will make some fur fly.


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