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I truly believe that one of the secrets of perpetual youth is to stay open to learning. While that is a noble philosophy, there are times where being an old curmudgeon becomes appealing. In this day and age, you seem to have no choice, at least if you want to stay employed, or be able to work a remote control. I am attempting, relatively successfully, to learn the latest Adobe products. I have always used Photoshop. (like the “always”? Like it was “always” there? I remember my first computer, and that was after my kids were born.) Now I am attempting to add Dreamweaver, Ilustrator and Fireworks to my skill list. Each one could take months or years of diligent application to learn, and I am attempting to get them all down this year. Since this is December, I am running out of this year.

I am pleased with my progress, before going back to school for Dreamweaver I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to keep up with the “young whippersnappers”, but I have done well. However, the class I am taking does not delve deeply enough into the program for my taste. When I read the code behind many websites, I see how much more there is to learn. While have learned enough to make a decent site, not knowing does not sit well with me. I was that obnoxious kid asking “why” when I was 20.

I will keep plugging away at these products, as well as the new devices that invade our lives on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe I will be the most technologically savvy resident in the old folks home someday. Or maybe, instead of going to some old dude on a mountain top looking for enlightenment, people will seek me out. ” Oh wise one, what is the secret of .php?” “Seek the ajax and it will come.”

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