Where we get fit and spin (wool)

Hooray for small victories!

I don’t sit here and critique other peoples lives, at least not out loud. I certainly don’t focus on one single person’s weight loss or need to lose weight. However, if someone approaches me…. and that happened yesterday. Most of the time people don’t give me an opening on the subject of health or fitness, they know me too well.

One of the ladies in our church came up to me and asked me about a class I used to help teach on nutrition and fitness. I said it had folded a while ago. She said she had been going to the gym, and had a personal trainer. She had lost 22 lbs so far! Can I tell you how happy and excited I was? She is extremely heavy, and I worried both about her longevity and what impact that was having on her children. The whole family is going to the gym.  It is like seeing a physical redemption. I see a lot of analogies between the physical and the spiritual.  Once more, if you do the right things, the right results will happen.

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