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I was never on the protein bandwagon until recently.  I resisted it based on my nutrition education that said that we get more than enough protein as Americans in our diet, and  certainly don’t need more.  After listening to podcast after podcast extolling the need for more protein, I caved. I bought some from our local store with the least amount of sugar. I have to admit I’m impressed. I have had a problem with “DOMS”, delayed onset muscle soreness, that seemed to increase with age time. Since I started the protein powder, it has faded to only be an occasional problem. I can work out longer and harder with less fatigue.

All that is the good news. The bad news is that for whatever reason, most protein powder manufacturers seem to think we have to have sweet flavors. If all you want to do is dump it in some water, I guess you would. I, however, put it with my morning oatmeal. Even if I didn’t, I can add whatever I want to flavor it. The one I’m currently using has sucrolose in it, which causes me gas and stomach aches. I have found a source for plain whey protein on the ‘net. IF it turns out to be good and a trustworthy site, I’ll let you know the name, and kind of plug it, since all this flavored stuff ticks me off.

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