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Don’t get me wrong, I love Smart Balance. However, their latest advertising campaign is very disappointing and somewhat offensive. I got started after hearing it on television, “fat free milk with omega-3’s.” Really? How’s that happening? In case you aren’t aware, omega-3’s are fat. So, rather than go off half-cocked (I know, even I can grow), I went to their website to see how they are making that claim.  Below is the result. Maybe a government employee or a lawyer could justify this, but I think it doesn’t pass the common sense test. Either 1 gram of fat doesn’t count as fat, so what benefit are you getting from those omega-3’s, or fat free doesn’t mean fat free, which we already know, as you can have less than one gram of trans fats and claim something is trans fat free.

My next complaint is below the food label, so scroll down.

Real fat free milk (1g total fat from Omega-3 oil blend)

Comments on: "Truth in Advertising – Real? Plain?" (3)

  1. I like Voskos honey yogurt. It contains skim milk, honey, and live & active cultures. Right now it’s the only one I’ll buy.
    The calcium chloride, corn starch, and pectin are all used as thickeners in yogurt. It supposedly helps decrease processing time so they can make the product faster. Faster production=more product=less cost per unit. I’d just as soon not purchase anything with more than 5 or 6 ingredients.
    It’s tough to choose foods that are wholesome without a lot of additives. Nearly impossible unless you limit what you eat by quite a lot.

    • Believe it or not, Walmart’s plain yogurt is just Milk and culture. I buy that and add stuff if I want it. It lulled me into a false sense of security that plain yogurt would be plain. I agree that so many products have stuff added for no good reason. I just go nuts when things are advertised as being something they are not. I expect junk food to have junk in it, but when so called healthy food does, I start going postal. Try to buy truly healthy protein powder!

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