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I was reading this article By Rebecca Wilcox from the Daily Mail (UK) on Gwyneth Paltrow’s  personal trainer and diet plan. It is a lengthy article, but the gist is that Gwyneth and her personal trainer have marketed their diet plan, which is ridiculously low in calories and nutritional deficient. The trainer’s name is Tracy Anderson. Here is a quote from the article:

“Tracy makes no mention of the amount of calories or fat you are supposed to consume a day so I take my plan to Catherine Collins, principal dietician at St George’s Hospital, London, to get it analysed. The results are shocking.

She told me I had existed on less than 700 calories a day for the past two months  –  no wonder I felt terrible. Catherine was extremely concerned.

‘I see patients suffering with anorexia nervosa and now I’m reading their diet in pamphlet form,’ she says. ‘It’s immunosuppressant due to its lack of calcium, iron, carbohydrates, proteins and salt.

‘If you followed the regimen you would risk developing hyponatremia (low sodium levels in the blood). The diet is also very low in iron, which could lead to anaemia and problems with balance, muscle strength and exhaustion.

‘The lack of absorbable calcium (less than 300mg  –  the body needs 800mg a day) means you risk earlyonset osteoporosis and osteopenia too  –  something that Gwyneth has been diagnosed with.

What’s more, the protein levels are low  –  less than 1.7oz per day, which can be dangerous if prolonged.

‘Even the vitamins that are available cannot be absorbed since there is no fat present in the diet to act as an absorption vehicle, so they will just be excreted from the body.’

The point being, while many people get into fitness for their looks, even the term “fit” should be equivalent to healthy. Any diet that is manifestly unhealthy has no business being promoted. People, as a whole, are ignorant, all they will see is the results. As I said earlier, any diet that restricts calories will work for weight loss, but what else will it do to your body? Most reputable trainers will keep the restriction to 500 calories less than you need, in order to feel satiated, meet your nutrition requirements and have enough energy to train.

What is the worst diet you’ve heard of? Is there any fitness system being promoted that makes you mad?

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