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If you are a regular reader of my blog, I know I am starting to harp. I can’t help it, the truth doesn’t change, yet few seem to listen. I do realize there are a myriad of reasons for this, from the temptations of the grocery aisles and advertisements, to mental and emotional disorders. As we natter on more and more, about there being an obesity epidemic, we seem to have lost our collective will to take any kind of action.

That is why this blog post hit my nerve. If you don’t care to go over and read it, the synopsis is that surveys of overweight people showed that few of them had actually tried the proven methods of weight loss, that of restricting calories and increasing activity. Instead, they are spending a small fortune on ridiculous methods, from diets that do anything except restrict calories, to pills, cremes and other silly things.

I do feel sorry for people that are seriously overweight. One of the things I do for exercise is pack a backpack full of weights and do squats, push ups and other exercises with it on. It is just shy of 50 lbs. It feels very heavy. I am exhausted after a workout like that. If you are 50 lbs overweight, you can’t put it down or get away from it. Once you hit 300 lbs, life is extremely difficult. That is why I get so angry when I see them wasting time, energy and money on worthless methods. While I think “The Biggest Loser” does have some drawbacks, if it motivates and teaches people to try the right way, I’m all for it.


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