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I Took the Challenge

This morning I took the challenge that I described yesterday. In case any one reading this doesn’t know me, I work out at home, so I am very careful lifting weights, especially since I do it in my basement, and no one would hear me scream. So the amount of weight I lift is very conservative. I may never know what my one rep max is unless I go to a gym, or find some very strong and accommodating friends. Having said all that, I have broken my previous 60 lb barrier, by figuring out a way to lift the bar off of the bench without bending my wrists back. I only did 62 lbs, but that is higher than 60 ;-). My bar weighs 12 lbs, hence the odd numbers. If anyone has “real” weights, don’t laugh, this is a cheap, 100lb set that my husband got for free.

This challenge was harder than I thought it would be. First because I don’t usually bench press or do hipthrusts with weights. I do 30 squats with no trouble, but that is in 3 sets of 10. This is a good marker of progress, I think I will make it a regular feature of my workouts, incorporating one of the exercises each session, and measuring every month. The nicest thing is that since you divide by your body weight, it is equalized for size.

Here is my score:

  • Bench press-5.94
  • Dead lift-10.8
  • squat-16.2
  • Hip thrust-8.1
  • pull ups-10

For a total of 51. Not the best, not the worst. I hope to add two points next month, as I improve the bench press and the hip thrusts. The pull ups get me. I have been trying to break the 10 rep to a set barrier for awhile now, and I can’t seem to do it. On the “Fitcast” podcast they had that as a question, and the consensus seemed to be “more volume”, so I am trying that, but I have tried that before, and I can do two sets of ten, with only a short rest in between- on a good day- but I can’t do even 11 at a time. 10 on most days is really hard, the last two take forever because I won’t quit till my nose clears the bar. If doing 10 in the morning, 10 more in the afternoon and ten in the evening works, I may be raising my score that way.


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