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After reading the article on “The Most Dangerous Thing You’ll Do Today.”  I just had to comment. I’ve seen/read/heard something about this before, but I either didn’t notice or register the statistics.  If you don’t want to read this, or the link gets broken, the synopsis is that sitting all day is a risk factor for heart attacks all by itself. The take home message from the article is that you need to not sit all day. Just standing is enough to prevent the high risk. Of course, moving and fidgeting are good too. One excellent point is that we don’t have to segment our day, putting exercise in a box that occurs at a certain time. Add activity in small increments, make extra trips, run extra errands, pace while you talk on the phone, etc.

This fits with something I have noticed. There is a lot of talk today about “metabolic syndrome”, a group of problems-overwight, especially belly fat,  high blood pressure, insulin resistance and bad cholesterol. But the people who fit this group, tend to sit. A lot. I’ve often wondered if it is the “chicken or the egg”, do they sit because being overweight is hard, or did they get overweight from sitting so much?

So, if you are overweight, if you are trying to avoid a heart attack, it you just want to be healthier, get up. Of course, I would like to see everyone get up and walk, but at least get up.


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