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Ok, maybe not with myself, as much with certain recipes. I don’t how many of you use “allrecipes.com”, but I love that site. It’s quick, easy, and it appears to have every recipe ever thought up. I got this one for coconut curried chicken, and oh my goodness. you’d have thought we had Indian take out here. I love ethnic food, from every country’s cuisine that I have tried. The only two I might not be crazy about are German and English, but even they have their good points. I’d have taken a picture of the curried chicken, but it isn’t the most appetizing to look at. The aroma and flavor are heavenly.

The second success on the cooking front was sushi crab salad. I love sushi. As sushi fans know, part of what makes sushi so good is the wasabi and ginger. Well, I made crab salad as usual, with imitation crab, celery, onion, green pepper, pickle and carrot, covered in Mayonnaise. Then I added wasabi and ginger until it tasted like sushi. I didn’t have fresh ginger, but with the pickle already in there, it tasted remarkably similar to pickled ginger.

MMM-mmm-good. What’s your big culinary achievement of the week?

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