Where we get fit and spin (wool)

people running on beachThis is brought about by the Fooducate Blog. They had a recent post about our becoming a nation of snackers, and that we are raising our children to accept snacking in lieu of meals. They blame this on our frenzied lifestyle. It seems odd as there have been a number of studies that show that we are more sedentary than we have ever been. At first glance, it seems this is impossible, how could we be trending in two different directions? I think there are two possible explanations.

First, that maybe there is diverging population. That those who fit the frenzied category aren’t the same ones who live the sedentary lifestyle. The parents who have their kids in soccer, music, dance, karate, and baseball aren’t seeing the physical deterioration. Those who go fishing on the weekend, visit museums and go hiking aren’t the same ones who have netflix streaming and play video games 24/7. That we are becoming a nation of haves and have nots as far as health habits go. Maybe the type “A”‘s of the world aren’t getting larger and more sedate.

talking and texting are not exerciseThe other explanation could be that busy does not equal active. Driving a car and sitting at your kids game don’t burn calories or build muscle. Reaching a deadline on a project is not the same as overhead reaches. And while typing and texting work your fingers, those are very small, fine muscles, guaranteed not to burn many calories. Being busy mentally can stress you out and make you just want sit and do nothing, which doesn’t help.

So what’s your opinion? Are we a nation divided? Or a nation of mental hamsters and physical turtles? Are you busier and busier, yet using fewer muscles? Or is there yet another explanation?

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