Where we get fit and spin (wool)

Take a look at this kid.  Now, I know we always say ” Oh, stuff is easy when you are young.” But, no, it’s not. Kids don’t have the hormones to put muscle on like adults, and certainly, most don’t have the drive to do so. I’m not saying we need to push our kids into looking like this. This boy is an outlier- someone on the edge of a bell curve. However, he has drive and he is achieving amazing things because of it.

My question to you is “What are you going to do with your life?” There must be something that inspires you, that gives you drive. Are you using it? I coasted through a lot of years, just drifting and going with the flow. I don’t regret any of it. I have two beautiful kids that are successful adults. (Forgive my superstition, I’m almost afraid to say that, for fear of jinxing it!) I am glad that I have found passion, harnessed it and am making the most of it. I see too many people that appear to be sleep walking through their own lives. Some of that is caused by their lifestyle, being unhealthy will sap your physical and mental energy. While I do a lot of the physical things I do for their own sake, they also feed my body and psyche to do other things. I know you can’t change other people, but it is frustrating to see people throw their lives away, for any reason. While I can’t change people, I will keep cheerleading, encouraging, goading and prodding to get people to make the most of what they have. And if I flag in my enthusiasm, people like this boy will reinvigorate me.

little boy with grown up muscle



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