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I stumbled on this blog post in Fooducate, originally posted in Small Bites. It is an article I think everyone should read. In it, the author, Andy Bellotti gives a wonderful critique of some of the most popular nutrition advice. Some of the sentiments he takes issue with are: “Everything in moderation.” and “There are no bad foods.”. I couldn’t agree more. While you may desperately want to eat a boston creme doughnut, there is no good nutritional reason to. There are bad foods. You are not getting anything you need from a lollypop. Or soda. Don’t tell me you “need” those calories, this isn’t a third world situation where any calories are gratefully accepted.We also don’t need to give anyone more room for rationalization, there is plenty of that going on without any help. Go ahead and eat your Twinkie, if that is what you are determined to do, but let’s not have the experts playing footsie to give you leave to do so. If you want to eat something with no redeeming nutritional value, don’t try and sugar coat it with a rationale. 😉

I really don’t have much else to say, short of reprinting his entire article, which I didn’t get his permission to do so. Do me a favor, go read it for yourself.


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