Where we get fit and spin (wool)

…And the Beat Goes On.

This is my second, and possibly last New York post. I needed to write these to keep things straight. Vacations have a way of addling your brain.

Yesterday we went to Sanfords for brunch. My, it was tasty. It is a 24 hour a day place, with probably the same menu all day. The menu has a set price for all items, that includes coffee and one drink. I had butternut ravioli with a cream sauce with sage and almonds. My DH had a skirt steak with eggs and the Boy had a grilled Gruyere cheese sandwich with eggs, although just naming the last two without describing them is not doing them justice.

After brunch we separated. DH went shopping and back to The Boy’s place, while The Boy and I went to Manhattan to see where he works and Greenwich village. We saw Soho and Washington Square, where there was a man playing a grand piano under the arch.man playing piano in Washington Square

Random wonderfulness

Apparently, playing music under the arch is a popular thing to do, the acoustics are wonderful.

We saw a street fair, and a farmers market, merely blocks from each other. We bought juice at the farmers market and The Boy bought me a dress at one of the street vendors. A street fair is only a slightly more exaggerated version of what goes on in NY every day.

Which brings me to fashion. It seems that everyone dresses nice in NY. Well, the girls at least. I saw so many cute outfits. Of course, much of that is that NY has a much younger demographic than here, but they have so much fashion just thrown at them. It makes me happy that the fashions now are something I like. Or maybe just seeing how good these girls look in the fashions made me like them.

We finally had NY style pizza. It was very good. The Boy and DH had more run of the mill choices, but they had pizza’s displayed that had all sorts of ingredients from cheese that I never heard of before, to one that had several kinds of cheese, to ones that had so many ingredients that I couldn’t be certain what was on it. I had what looked like a veggie supreme.

View from top of the rock
Pictures don’t do justice

We followed that with a trip to Rockefeller Center,to what is called the “Top of the Rock”. First stop was Ben and Jerry’s. I had never had their ice cream. We then went up. There is a beautiful chandelier type installation where you first go in. I wish we had more time to appreciate it. I was thinking that there wasn’t enough time to appreciate most of what we saw here. Also, they seemed to have really taken to heart the idea of modern people having short attention spans. They do things to entertain you along the way, even in the elevator. The view from the top is spectacular. The lowest observation deck was the hardest for me, Nothing separated you from the edge but the glass. Just don’t look down. The higher two had beautiful, decorative crenelations, which kept you a bit further from the edge. I heard people cheer on one of the other decks, and The Boy said someone had proposed.

There are few fat city people. I can see why. Unless you are wealthy enough to take a cab everywhere, you must walk at least a mile a day, to get to and from the subway, to go out and see things, or to get anywhere.  Most people here have great legs.

I really liked the city. There is so much of everything. It is the fair, a college campus, and a community event all rolled up in one. As we left, I felt a real regret to be leaving. The twinkling lights, spread out in ever changing patterns were so beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not romanticizing the city, there is a lot wrong with New York, but to me that just added to the richness of the experience. Our pilot even said to avoid JFK airport at all costs! We had a LOT of delays and problems. For awhile we were 10th in line to take off. The taxi ride there was a cliche of hurrying to the airport through clogged streets and last minute maneuvers.


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