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man shaking his finger at you.

"Get off my lawn"

I’m so sick of old people. Before you start sending me nasty comments, reminding me that my time is coming, I don’t mean chronological age. My mother was never an old person. You can be born an old person, but it usually doesn’t start at least until young to mid -adulthood. It is when you start getting really negative about anything and everything. You are more than happy to “armchair quarterback”, but unwilling to do anything yourself. You won’t learn new things, take responsibility for problems or get things done, but you will endlessly complain about how others are doing them. You get stuck in can’t and won’t. “That won’t work.” ” I can’t learn that.” “It wouldn’t do any good anyway.” Buffalo and Western New York are rife with old people. That is why we end up with the slogan “Buffalo-the place where good ideas go to die.”

Old people don’t live lives with any appeal to others, yet want you to live as they do. In fact, being enthusiastic about something is the quickest way to make their negativity worse. They are aghast when you try new things or experiment, and are thrilled if something you try fails.

The thing that is bugging me the most, is that they don’t want to do anything, which means the rest of us have more work to do. While they are sitting complaining, we all have to pick up their slack. If you point it out to them, they say things like “I used to that” “I put my time in”. Oh goody, you used to be productive, so that entitles you to do nothing now?

Ok, I’m done now. Maybe my need to rant proves I’m sliding into being an old person. I hope not. I’ll go think some happy thoughts now. And I’ll go get some work done.

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