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Ok, so tell me, if unemployment is up to 9.1%, and we have unemployment payments, which means the unemployed are getting money, couldn’t they use some of their time to do some of the things that the government says it can no longer afford to do?

This idea was spawned by seeing back to back articles on the television news about how California is thinking about closing most of it’s public places in an effort to save money, followed by the unemployment news. Couldn’t some of those unemployed people help maintain the parks? If we have so many people out of work, couldn’t we use some of that potential labor force to improve things? They have done studies where unemployed people spend much of their time sleeping and watching tv. Being out of work is depressing and demoralizing. If an unemployed person is not in school, or even if they are, Couldn’t they spend three or four hours a week volunteering somewhere? Just a thought

Comments on: "Is This Common sense, or Crazy?" (2)

  1. Are you possibly suggesting something akin to the CCC? Is my highly conservative mother suggesting that the government employs more people? Not that I am disagreeing, I’m just surprised.

  2. Oh, not that the government would be employing people, they are already getting money from unemployment insurance (government backed), I’m just saying since the government is already giving them money, couldn’t they ask for something back? Just a few hours a week.

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