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I haven’t posted in awhile, nothing seemed worth talking about, till today. I have an article and a website to talk about.

First- I have said for years, losing weight is all about the math. Apparently that is not the whole story. Before you go “a-ha, that excuses my not being able to lose weight!”, it only means the difficulties you encounter are real, and that long term weight loss responds better to long, slow, permanent effort. The link is to the New York Times article. There is nothing really new about this, except it does clarify some of the issues involved. For example, as you lose weight, you burn fewer calories. Why? It takes more energy to move 300 lbs than it does 200lbs. Calories are simply a measure of energy. I am a small person, by resting metabolic rate is ridiculously low, something like 1600 calories. If I don’t exercise, I will gain weight. If you are heavy from fat, you are burning fewer calories than someone who weighs the same as you from muscle, as fat uses less calories than muscle. These are two of the confounding factors of weight loss. Add into that the “fudge factor”, people not being honest about what they are eating, and the difficulty people have sticking to diets, and you see that while math is important to weight loss, psychology and physiology are important as well. If you are having problems with weight loss, it is worth your time to read the article. The main points of the article are:

  • Losing weight is not easy
  • You need to make consistent, long term changes
  • Don’t expect rapid weight loss or quick fixes
  • You need to increase exercise as well as diet
  • You need to overhaul your plan from time to time

Now my next link is for all the ladies. I have been researching menopause on the web.

wild eyed crazy lady

why, you may ask?

I have found that most sites talk to you like the high school hygiene movies-“There’s a special time in a girl’s life…” Yea, special. That’s the first word that comes in my mind when discussing such things. In any case, I have to applaud people who try so hard to make fertilizer out of poop. This site Power-surge.com, while being long on the cliche, touchy- feely, positively cute side, does give a lot of information. They are also selling a ton of products. Maybe the site just appealed to me by making EVERYTHING that is bothering me a symptom of menopause. Just put a nice big bow on it and wrap it in estrogen.

That’s it for now. Back to making baby booties and practicing being the crotchety old crazy lady. At least for today. Oh, one last thing-did you ever see the ad for cougars.com- a “dating site” to date cougars? THOSE ARE NOT COUGARS! A cougar is an OLDER woman- at least 40, who wants to date younger men. They are called cougars as they are the predatory ones. The idea is that they are not hot in the sense of men chasing after them. (Or at least the men they are after are not chasing them.) It is not supposed to be a compliment, and it is not supposed to be applied to sexy young things. Oh, of course, in the world of advertising, any female over 30 is old. GRRRRR. I’ll show them cougar. I am getting crotchety.

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