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First Weigh In

After following the calorie tracking software for a week and attempting to restrict my calories, it is time for the first weigh in. Drum roll please,….I’ve lost…..Nothing. I still weigh 117. I can think of several  reasons for this. The software I’m using is very influential. If it says I can eat more, I do. I’ve already said I thought the exercise assumptions were off, so I’m going to leave that out of the equation, and try to stick closer to the base calories. Of course I’m going to eat more on the days I exercise, That’s inevitable.

This puts me in good company with all the frustrated dieters out there. There are so many confounding factors for weight loss, and even using software, I’m still making massive assumptions. Is the recipe or ingredient I’m using the same as the database’s? Also, I don’t track every little jot and tittle, and those can add up. A little sugar here, a little margarine there and the next thing you know, the scale’s not moving. If we are only talking about a few pounds, even how much you drink can affect whether the scale moves. This is why most diet advice says to look at inches rather than lbs, along with the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, so that if you create muscle while losing weight you will look better than the scale reflects.

I knew this would not be easy for me, I’m already at a reasonable weight. The less you weigh, the harder it is to lose weight, as it takes less calories to run a smaller engine. Well, another week in front of me, we’ll see how this one goes, leaving exercise out of the tracker.

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