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The end

If any of you had absolutely no interest in my weight loss experiment, your in luck. I hit my target so I’m done. I am going to use the “maintain my weight” feature of myfitnesspal.com, to see how well that works, and maintain this weight for a week or two before letting get back up.

One of my interests was to see if it would change my measurements, and I was surprised it did. I lost half an inch on my waist and an inch off my hips. For only five pounds that surprised me.

The one down side to this was that it was harder to workout as I am used to at the gym. I can tell I have been in a deficit. Also, they talk about the ketone bodies being broken down when you are using fat as fuel, and that causes an odor to your breath that I dislike. No amount of brushing your teeth will get rid of it, as it is a byproduct of metabolism. Overall losing weight was not easy, but it wasn’t mount Everest either.¬† There were days I was hungry all day, and others where I didn’t even want to eat the next meal. I didn’t totally deprive myself. I had pizza, carrot cake and chocolate, all in moderation and other than my birthday, I still met the target for the the day.

Getting back to the software. Now that I have used it for a few weeks, I do like it. Like a video game, it is rather addictive to play with the numbers. It is easy to use, more an more so over time. I only used it as a guideline, as it is not perfect in it’s calculations, but I wasn’t perfect in my measurements either. It was really fun to see the nutrition breakdown too. Remember the fiber commercial that tells you it’s almost impossible to get enough? Nope, I hit it almost every day. I got more protein than I “needed”, but that is because the weight lifting community and nutritionists disagree on how much you “need”. I never did add my calcium supplement, and I should’ve since it said I wasn’t hitting that one. I did put my multivitamin in, and that put me over in most of the nutrients. Without it, most are only 30-60 %. That makes me disagree with those who say you don’t need a multi vitamin. If you are a big person, eating clean, no, you probably don’t. But everyone else probably does.

Summation? If you are having trouble losing weight, get serious with some kind of tracking. Losing weight is not too hard, there is some hardship, but not extreme. Accept that it isn’t a picnic and get on with it. Make it a lifestyle and it gets even easier. Eat your veggies and skip the bread. Treat yourself once in awhile, but then cut a bit other places.

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  1. Well you have inspired me to sign up for the tracker. I have about 10 pounds I’d like to get rid of and have never tracked what I ate before. I love that I can see how many more calories I can eat if I spend an extra 15 minutes on the elliptical!

    As always – you are such an inspirations. (and no, I haven’t finished my weaving project!)

  2. You are too sweet! Thank you. You must finish your weaving project. There is nothing more inspirational than taking it off the loom and playing with it. Plus then you get to start a new one. I feel really bad though, Denise and I have made two trips to daft dames and I should have invited you to go along. Cathy, who works there, is a weaving fiend and can answer any questions. In fact, we were talking about your loom. She was surprised to hear we rigged it up to not use the spools.

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