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So, as I often do, I was listening to a podcast, in this case, Ben Greenfield Fitness. He was interviewing Kate Rheaume-Bleue, the author of “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox”. It was her contention that K2 is a little known vitamin that controls calcium pathways in the body, getting it out of the arteries where it can damage them, and into the bones where it increases bone density. Well, as much as I enjoy Ben’s podcasts, he has had some interesting characters on there, so I did some research, and found enough support in PubMed and Google Scholar to say it is worth at least taking the $10 bottle. With my family history of heart disease, and being a skinny, short white woman (risk factors for osteoporosis), it is low cost enough to make it worth it. Not to mention that one of the PubMed articles was on toxicity, and there is no known risk.

Here is some of the more fun stuff I found:

food sources of Vitamin K2 -this blog source has humor, natto, a fermented bean product from Japan is extremely high in K2, but the author talks about how slimy and disgusting the stuff was.

Here’s another, touting the the benefit of butter oil and pate foie gras.

So I’m going to start taking it. I’ll let you know if I find out anything more.

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