Where we get fit and spin (wool)

This is an amazing lady86 year old gymnast Now, I certainly know that genetics plays a role in her ability, and luck, since accident or illness could stop her. BUT- She could only be doing this by practicing throughout her life, keeping herself in shape and keeping her abilities sharp. Age does not need to be an excuse.

I’m not saying it is easy. I’m only 47, and there are a lot of days where I am achy and tired. You just get up and do it anyway. You keep doing it every day, to the best of your ability, and it becomes a habit that gives you endless benefit. If you can’t do the max, you do half, or something, or anything. Then you try and do it better tomorrow. Hmmm, sounds like the Christian ethic. Of course, it probably is no secret that I see physical disciplines as analogous to spiritual ones. While I have not mastered the discipline of fasting, I see eating for nutrition, rather than eating whatever pleases your palate, as a daily discipline.

Sorry, I think that was  a digression. In any case, when people work hard enough to do something far beyond the every day, I think they deserve applause. Watch her, be inspired, and go something good.

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