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Sorry, can’t resist this one, apparently the family of a woman in New Zealand is suing for wrongful death after the woman died of a heart attack. She was addicted to Coke Cola, and drank over 2 gallons a day. She also smoked a pack and half of cigarettes and ate little else. The coroner cited low potassium levels as a contributing cause.

Suing? Addiction? I’m sorry, if you can’t figure out you have a problem when you are doing something that far outside the norm, how is that ANYONE else’s fault? If she wins, look out Jim Beam and Jack Walker, every alcoholic in New Zealand will have greater legal grounds to get you.

And you, dear reader, if you are sitting there reading this, saying “I love my ____, and I don’t care if it’s bad for me.”, how much of it are you consuming? And what is it replacing? Maybe this woman will be a wake up call to at least cut back on ______.


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