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Well, duh.  Of course it can. I’ve always thought that how attractive your surroundings are makes a difference in how you feel. I’ve painted every room in the house in color. I just finished repainting my bedroom. I did it not that long ago, but ended up very unhappy with it. Since I had picked the previous color, I find it odd how much I ended up hating it, and how different I felt towards the new. I picked the previous colors based on a picture:Cross stitch image of the three bearsthe previous room colorsWhat I got might technically match the picture, but missed the whole point. Just looking at it on the screen I hate it.  I was trying to capture the woodsy, outdoorsy feeling. The trouble with color is it is reflected wave lengths of light, so it is very hard to reproduce exactly when you switch mediums. The tan background of the picture has almost a pink hue on the wall, and the neutral gray green picks up a blue look. This time, I took swatches of colors I liked, and walked around with them for days. I looked at them in various lights, I held them up to each other over and over. In the end, this is what I picked:

an image of the paint colors, olive and off white.The new colors on the wall Looking at it on the screen is not the same as seeing on the wall, the color and amount of light change the look of it constantly. In any case, The green makes every other color in the room look better and I do the happy dance every time I look at it. As you can see, you have the limitations of the camera and lighting, but at least you can get the idea.

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