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woman balancing on a beamSo I was going to make this post about why you still could use the gym, even though it is nice weather and many of you are getting the exercise you didn’t over the winter. After reading another person’s rant about GMO’s, “Big Pharm”, and other modern day boogey men, I was going to write a separate post about that. As I was thinking more about it, I realized they were both part of a bigger picture, hence the title of this blog, balance.
First, the gym. I spent the weekend running the dogs, doing yardwork and gardening. In other words, getting far more exercise than I would at the gym. Yet Monday I was back at it. Why? Because at the gym, you are following a plan, a plan that targets all your muscle groups and that works them in opposition. You are working on strength, flexibility and balance. You are (hopefully) getting instruction on the proper way to lift and getting feedback on your form. This was driven home to me at Lowe’s as I watched a contractor loading his truck with bags of mulch, using extremely poor lifting technique. My back hurt just watching. If you are using poor form, or just performing the same chores over and over, chances are you may be developing unevenly or even setting yourself up for injury. If you have tight hip flexors and weak glutes from sitting all winter, you may take the easiest route and use the wrong technique and muscles, rather than challenging those weaknesses.
So what does this have to do with a rant about the ills about modern society? As I was reading the persons rant, I thought, “I rather like “big pharm”, dieing from gastroenteritis wouldn’t have ideal.” While GMO isn’t a good thing, “big ag” is keeping 10+ billion people alive and fed, almost too well. While pollution is a problem, and is bad, when was the last time you had cholera or dysentery? Before you go gnashing your teeth at the ills of modern society, go to Haiti or any poor country and become grateful for what we have. Before you talk about the chemicals destroying the environment, ask any African native how they feel about DDT, as their child suffers with malaria. While we do need to watch companies like a hawk, and do our best to keep them honest and accountable, I refuse to succumb to the idea that they are evil and that our world is worse than ever. For all those darwinists out there, the point is to reproduce and increase population, right? Well, by that score, we won. Big time.
Still, what do these things have to do with each other? Yup, balance. Don’t go off the deep end on anything. Even my beloved exercise can get carried too far. It’s just that most people don’t ever try to go to far on that one. Finding that balance isn’t always easy. My life isn’t one of walking straight down the middle, it’s more like a drunken sway, just trying to stay between the lines. I get caught up in frenzies and fads, and often have to step back and reevaluate.
So where is your balance? Or are there areas you know are out of whack? Maybe you like the feeling of being on the edge, being extreme and don’t feel like centering. Maybe it is a cause you are so passionate about that you can’t look around the edges of it. Some people would say Christians are like that, but I don’t bring God up in every post, or make every topic about Him, even though spiritually it’s the truth. Some people would say I’m unbalance about fitness, which I might accept, except that when I look at the proportion of time people spend sitting vs moving, I think I’m the one more in the right. Do others tell you that you are unbalanced? Mentally or otherwise ;-)?


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