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streambed that movedI was thinking about choices the last two days. It is politically incorrect to talk about sin, they are “bad choices”. Some choices are a blip in the road, like trying to dam a stream with your hand, the water just runs around, back the way it wanted to go. Other choices mover the stream bed to a whole new location, changing the land around it and being changed by the land.

I was thinking about it since I am involved in a lot of activities that resulted from one choice or another, and choices leading to choices, leading me places I never thought I would go. I said yes to one karate class and got hooked. I said I would go to a Women In The Outdoors event, now I’m on the committee. I participated in Relay for Life and ran 5 miles for the first time. I prayed one little prayer, accepting Jesus as my Savior and became a Christian. Now I teach Sunday school and have a very different, far happier life than the one before.

Even those “one little blip” choices add up. I was people watching at Relay, and I was a bit dismayed. While we were walking or running, most of the tents were raising money by selling sweets. Many of the people there were heavy. Most of the heavy people weren’t doing much walking. Eating processed food has been linked to cancer. You don’t get heavy and out of shape in one choice. It takes making choices every day, some of which are hard. Moral choices are the same. Some of these scoundrels on tv didn’t get there in one choice, it was all the little ones that added up.

So what choices are you making today? Are they leading you where you want to go? Is it time to reassess? If you choose to say “I do” it leads to life long commitments and obligations. You don’t know whether that means joy or heartbreak in the long run. Slightly less momentous is where you will work, or what work you will do. When you make these choices, you can’t always foresee where they will take you. However, if you choose the side of right and good, generally you will get right and good results. I don’t know anyone who chose Christ as was sorry they did so.  I don’t know anyone who picked up a pack of smokes that wasn’t sorry. Some things are guesses, some things are fairly certain bets. What are you betting on?

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