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I was watching the news this morning, and I saw a story that chilled me, but I knew was coming. Within a year, they will be able to test the parents and find out if the unborn child has certain diseases like Tay Sachs, Downs syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis. The doctors were hailing this first, as a “non invasive test”, and as an opportunity to “treat” these problems in utero. Of course, they went on to say, “we may want to draw the line somewhere”. Why? What would be wrong with finding out ahead of time if your child were deaf? Gay? Blonde? Couldn’t we “treat” those ahead of time as well?

We already “treat” downs syndrome in utero. It’s down by something like 90%. How did we do this miraculous thing? We kill them. There. Problem solved. We won’t have to worry about death panels, any problem you don’t like won’t happen. We can’t cure Cystic Fibrosis in people who exist, how could we treat it in utero? The truth is, we can’t. This “big breakthrough” just means giving people an easy way out by sweeping the affected baby under the rug. Literally.

So why would they want to “draw the line somewhere”? If it is ok to kill a baby because it has an expensive medical issue, why is it not ok to kill them for other reasons? Right now, the criteria is only “I don’t want it”. We know that sex selection, while technically illegal, is occurring everywhere, just not as blatantly as in India and China. If you can argue that a mother has a right to not have a child she doesn’t want, for any reason, then why not give her the informed choice? That is what we are all about, right? Informed choices? It would end the homosexual debate, if we could test for it, since many people would choose “not to make the baby suffer with that”.

I hope everyone reading this realizes I am being extremely sarcastic in this. I want people to think before they act. If you are a parent, look at your child. Would he or she be allowed to live, if you had known what problems he/she would have? Would you? How about your parents? Remember Hitler and his “master race”? He didn’t pull that idea out of thin air. Eugenics, the idea of “breeding” better people was wildly popular. Margaret Sanger, the originator of Planned Parenthood started the organization with the idea of ending poverty by having poor people not have children. With all the birth control available today, you can see how well that worked. In any case, this is leading somewhere we don’t want to go. I guarantee you, if this comes to pass, and it will, we will be mired in an ethical mess for generations to come.

If those generations come. I just realized, we could solve all our problems by not reproducing at all. All the worlds problems solved in 75 years. And don’t think that there aren’t those out there that honestly believe that. Pray for us all.

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