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Most people will recognize the quote from P.T. Barnum, but after finding out about this latest diet book, I’m certain it’s true. You know, I’m not even going to name the book or the author, since that would just give him/her more publicity, and that is the last think I want. However, what makes this diet especially annoying is that it appears to be targeted at young people, and is primed to feed into eating disorders. It features fasting breakfast and replacing it with coffee. The one person cited in the article I read substituted diet pop, since she didn’t like coffee. Like that’s a good idea? Looking at the changes in peoples’ diets, they did make some good choices, changing the meals they did eat for healthy choices. But, when you add fasting to that, this is basically a starvation diet. So, starving yourself will make you lose weight, but who can live like that? What happens to these people when they “go off” this diet?

Do I really need to say that the best way to “diet” is to make lifestyle changes that you can live with forever? Why is this so hard for people to wrap their heads around? Why do these fad diets never lose their appeal? Should this author be forced to set aside part of his proceeds to treat all the young people with eating disorders that will be negatively impacted by his book?

Is there anyone in your life who is following one of these fad diets? What is their rationale? Have you tried to talk them into a more sensible approach?


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  1. You’re absolutely right! A fad diet is a quick fix and maybe you’ll lose tons of weight if you stick with it long enough, but people who do this don’t learn to change lifestyle eating and exercising habits. When they go off the fad diet, they gain it all back and more. Slow, steady and balanced is the best way to lose.

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