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Why I Like 4 Wheeling

polaris ranger

It’s a toy, but I like it.

Those who know me might be surprised that I like 4 wheeling. It isn’t exercise; in fact it is pseudo exercise. It feels like you are doing something, while you are sitting. I like hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing, activities that some might see as being in opposition to 4 wheeling, since they are all looking for the same real estate.

Here are the reasons I like it. While it is pseudo exercise compared to what I do, for someone who is not active, and would not exercise otherwise, it at least beats the couch. You at least have to activate your tva and other core muscles isometrically to keep from being bounced around. It follows my principle that anything beats nothing. It also engages you in the real world, as opposed to watching the idiot box.

As far as the environment goes, when people are interested and invested in using our parkland and forests, they are interested and invested in maintaining them. The more people who want to use parks for recreational activities, the more money and power will flow to the park system, improving and increasing access for all. Since ATV’s operate in their own little niche, the owners will have to travel to locations to engage in their hobby, increasing tourism and boosting local economies.

It also makes my dogs happy. Today we went on two 4 wheeling jaunts and two short walks. It was 95 degrees, making short walks a necessity. The 4 wheeler provided natural air conditioning.

So there you go, even an exercise nut can find room in her life for other things. Most of my life is intense, I like living in high gear. This is one activity where I have to sit and do nothing, and probably the only one that wouldn’t drive me nuts. I wouldn’t want to do it for hours on end, we agreed on that today after a 6 hour trip, but shorter jaunts are soothing and pleasant, and it gives my husband and I a joint activity, very important for a healthy marriage.

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