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See? I Told You So.

I love it when a study confirms what I’ve been saying. Of course, since what I’ve been saying is based on studies, there ought to be additional confirmation. In any case, this article in the Washington Post adds fuel to my fire. To quote:

….suggests that maintaining fitness in midlife might reduce the number of years you might have to contend with chronic disease, even if it doesn’t extend your life.

That is what got me jazzed about fitness in the first place. My family is loaded with heart disease, and I wanted to avoid having an early heart attack. I still assume heart disease will be my cause of death, there is just so much of it in my family, I just don’t want it to happen before 75. I had further reinforcement from the studies that show that exercise ameliorates or prevents most of the diseases associated with aging. I have spent a percentage of time in nursing homes, visiting people and with a previous job I had, and it placed a dread in my heart of being incapacitated and still alive. Personally, I will take quality over quantity for lifespan.my mind, exercise means the difference between this:people in a nursing home lined up in the hallstrong elderly woman in pool

and this:

It appears to me that the most significant benefit of exercise and careful eating occurs in the last decade of life. You have to be either very sedentary or genetically predisposed to get most of the age related diseases early in life, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. However, the longer you live, the more susceptible you become to these and a host of other diseases. Exercise and careful nutrition can forestall most of these.

By careful nutrition, I do mean CAREFUL. I don’t mean, “I eat pretty good” You should put as much thought into the nutrition of what you are eating as you do the taste. Exercise can work wonders on someone’s health, but it cannot counteract bad eating. If you are eating pizza, burgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, wings, and other standard American fare every week, you are putting yourself at risk. If you eat out frequently, or get take out, you are putting yourself at risk. Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable. I don’t mean to harp, but I hear people complain about their weight, or health, and then get their lunch from a restaurant every day. And don’t tell me you get a salad- most restaurant salads have more fat and calories than a big Mac.

Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now. In any case, get out there and MOVE!


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  1. The picture you posted really got my attention since in my work, I have to visit patients in nursing homes. The good thing is nursing homes and retirement residences all have fitness programs for their residents. Even at their very advanced stage in life, daily, gentle physical activity has been shown to provide benefits such as improved bowel function, cognitive function, heart health, muscle control. We should never stop moving.

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