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Food, food, food and AT&T

I’ve put the disclaimer on here before that I am not a foodie. I am not devoted to the hedonistic enjoyment of food. However, if health and fitness are a passion, food has to be front and center of that passion. You literally are what you eat, so that has to be the focus of much of your fitness regime. With all of the concerns swirling around commercially grown and packaged food, the logical step is to produce your own as much as possible. I thought I would throw a couple of ideas at you, especially since most of us don’t have the luxury of time for doing all this if we don’t take advantage of every trick we can come up with..

Roast several chickens, winter squashes, whatever, and process all at once.

I roast a chicken, cut most of the meat off, then throw the carcass in a pot for soup. I then freeze the stock in plastic bowls, then transfer them to freezer bags. If you do 2 at once, you cut the energy cost, and freeze the meat as well as the broth. Each bag of frozen meat is one dinner ingredient you don’t have to prepare that day. If you don’t have a good size freezer, I would say it is the best investment for your families health. That and one of those vacuum sealers. Buy the bags online, it’s much cheaper.

frozen chicken broth

First I freeze it in bowls, then pop them into vacuum seal bags.

Squashes are best roasted whole, at least easiest, then you can scoop the flesh out and freeze that in individual portions. If you roast squash, chicken, sweet potatoes and other things at once, you only turn the oven on once for all of it.

sourdough starter

Isn’t the baby cute? It’s alive!

Speaking of ovens, mine is cooking sourdough starter. The lightbulb is providing the heat. I’m using the recipe from “More Bread Machine Magic.” I’ve done it before with another method, one that I can’t recall at the moment. This one uses yogurt. Is Lacto Bacillus related to yeast? I’m not sure. Isn’t yeast it’s own organism? If you use sourdough, you don’t have to keep buying yeast all the time. I don’t eat nearly the amount of bread I used to, but it is still a favorite food. I’m going to try freezing the sourdough starter to see if that works.

Salad Mania

I’ve never been overly crazy for standard lettuce salads, but I love mayonnaise salads and interesting ones. How can you resist this:

beet salad

shredded beets, carrots, apples mixed with some mayonnaise, a dab of rice vinegar and dried cranberries walnuts and pecans. MMMMmmm.

It’s sweet enough for my sweet tooth, and pretty too boot.

The next one wasn’t so good in my book, it started with all my favorite ingredients, Kale, nuts, cheese, quinoa, but the dressing called for three tablespoons of lemon juice. Too much of a good thing.

Kale salad

I don’t think I like too much lemon in my salad. Meh.

Maybe fall is bringing the foodie out in me!


If I have a notable experience with a company, I’ll post it here. Public information and opinion are what blogs are all about.I’m trying to not think too badly of AT&T, but they appear slow witted. They sold my husband the package that includes tethering. That means we can use our phones for our computers. However, you need 3g. We don’t get that at our house. When my husband called to complain, they said-“Oh, we’ll sell you a “mini cell”, which boosts your signal”. EXCEPT- it requires high speed internet to use, which we don’t have, which is WHY we wanted the tethering in the first place! My husband was telling them about wanting the tethering to combat the unreliability of satellite service. Do they not know anything about the products they push? I know, don’t answer that.


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