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winter word artIt’s time to stop treating winter like an unexpected house guest:

couple arguing

“I thought she was your friend.”

“I didn’t invite her, but how could I say no?”

“How long is she staying?”

“I don’t know, it seemed rude to ask.”


wintery bridge

It comes every year. If you live in the northern climes, it is no surprise. But everyone acts like they weren’t expecting it and wish it would go away. This isn’t the 12th century, you can choose where you live, and you have a pretty good idea of what the weather in those places are. If you choose to live here, you are tacitly accepting winter.

beautiful winter day

So, embrace the 6 months that are winter. I know, according to the calendar it is only three, but everyone knows that’s a lie. I always said I wouldn’t want to live somewhere that has worse winters than us, and when I see it has snowed in the Dakota’s, Montana and places like that in June, I decided those weren’t the places I wanted to live.


How to embrace it? Ski, snowshoe, hike, make snow angels. Enjoy hearty soups and stews. Cook things in the slow cooker. Enjoy the rough challenge of driving in bad weather. Buy a warm sweater. I was looking for pictures and I found this link to Montreal Winter activities! Looks great.

car off the road in winter.I realize that it is a challenge for many people. If you are elderly or in poor health, the uneven surfaces might cause you to fall, not to mention the ice. In those cases, I would say moving isn’t a bad option, many of our older friends have happily fled. If moving south isn’t an option, it might be a good time to think about moving somewhere where the shoveling and ice clearing either isn’t as daunting, or is taken care of for you. On the plus side, there are a plethora of gyms out there to join, to walk in heated comfort, or walk the mall.

For those that don’t fit in the above categories, get out there, fast. I see too many people making themselves invalids by allowing themselves to get so out of shape that they cannot handle what winter brings. Of course you are risking a heart attack if shoveling snow is the most exercise you’ve gotten in the last year. Of course it will give you a bad back if you don’t know how to lift properly, and haven’t practiced those motions on a regular basis. So, if you needed any more motivation to get to the gym, then picture yourself out there shoveling. If you don’t think you can do that- start now. Cable twists, wood choppers and hay bailers will strengthen those muscles. Dead lifts will strengthen your back. Lunges will strengthen your legs for those unexpected slides on the ice. Step ups will strengthen all your leg muscles to avoid twisting ankles. Finish up with the elliptical and you will be all set to cross country ski.

Comments on: "C’mon People, it’s Only Winter." (2)

  1. As a native west coaster, WNY winter has never been my favorite. This year, I am determined to cross country ski the trails around my home. I will be starting on the eliptical which gathers dust in my family room! Thanks for the push. I expect you to hold me to my x country ski declaration!

    • Are you kidding me? I’ll put you on my impromptu mailing list, where, if the weather cooperates and someone suggests it, I email everyone to meet at one of the local xcountry ski places. We usually do Spraguebrook, Genesee Road Forestry, or across the street from my house. If you know of any others, please do tell. No one has had the gumption to do Allegheny. I set the list up last year. HA-ha-ha. Mother nature has a sense of humor.

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