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Everything old is new again

flapjacks aka pancakes

I made sourdough flapjacks this morning, reinforcing two ideas. First, that our modern cooking methods are totally lacking flavor. Second, that healthy eating can be really, really good eating.

image of the sourdough starter

aren’t the babies cute?

There is a certain gross out factor to sourdough. You begin with sourdough starter, which is a flour/water or flour/milk or flour/beer mixture that you inculcate with yeast or yogurt. You could just leave it out, but I think that is leaving too much to chance. I did the flour/milk/yogurt this time, and the results are amazing. You put this mixture in a warm place and let it grow.This is a fermented product just as yogurt is.

Picture the smell of bacon, sourdough flapjacks and coffee, all we need is the smell of leather, horses and cows, and an open fire to be in the old west. I don’t mind forgoing the other smells, but trust me, my house smelled really good this morning.

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