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Your Turn

I have this blog in order to spout off about health, nutrition, and yes, just personal pleasure. I would like to engage you, the random reader and maybe get a challenge going to prompt change or re invigoration of goals. I could go into a big long spiel about how hard it is to get fit and fight the obvious trends in society, but that is belaboring the obvious. So lets just jump in:

delicious looking omeletDid you have vegetables for breakfast today?

Are you asking the computer if doughnuts count? Seriously, you want to know what’s wrong with our diet? Cake is acceptable breakfast food. Many people have pointed out that a McDonalds egg McMuffin is a reasonably good choice. I would say, if you are eating doughnuts, sure, that is a quantum leap forward. Can you do better? At least a few days a week? How about making an omelet with green pepper, onion, tomato and  mushrooms? Too much work? How about microwave an egg, and dump a large helping of salsa on it? If you read my blog, you’ve heard about my green oatmeal, and sometime soon, my husband is going to get to try kale pancakes. He’ll love, them, I’m certain. So, let me know what you are doing to improve your breakfast.

How Raw are you?

Have you heard about the raw food movement? It’s the belief that eating raw food is better for your health. I had poo-poo’d the idea, until I heard  a very persuasive, rational, balanced argument on the “fitcast” podcast. I’m not going to go all the way, certainly, but I’m certainly looking for ways to add more raw food to my diet. Lets face it, the best foods to eat raw are fruits and veggies, and that is always better for you. There are people who are “paleo”- believers in eating what our paleolithic ancesters ate, who also believe in eating raw meat. As much as I love sushi, I’m not going to eat meat that is less than rare, although I do like rare meat. So, are you raw? At least a little? How about a salad a day?

closeup of white floutFight the White

On the continuum of health, this is the basic. How much white flour and sugar are you eating? How about pasta and potatoes? I’m not totally against potatoes, they are a vegetable, but it does depend on what you do with those potatoes. My daughter did a 21 day  sugar abstinence. Can I challenge you to try it? What do you think YOU can do to reduce your consumption of those things? What have you done?


decadent drinkQuit Drinking

Seriously, stop drinking your calories. I am not a smoothie or juice person, they digest too quickly and you are tossing the fiber. Drink water, eat your calories. This doesn’t have to be 100%, but if you are having trouble losing weight, look at your beverages. And don’t try to hide behind sugar substitutes, they have more problems than a resident of a rehab.


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