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I know, I know, it sounds self serving, since I am a personal trainer. However, I didn’t just become one because I thought it was a great career move, a became one since I am convinced that taking care of your physical health is crucial to your well being, and that while there is a plethora of information out there, many people are not selecting and implementing the information in their daily lives. In other words, people are not taking care of themselves. Here is an example: If you have a bad back, are you doing back exercises? If you have bad knees, are you strengthening your quads and hamstrings?

I wanted to make a fancy tree diagram, but I don’t have time for that sort of fluff right now. So here it is in simple terms.

  1. Are you currently working out?
    No- You will benefit from direction and information. It is better to have a plan than to randomly shoot in the dark.
    Yes- Do you have a goal and a plan how to get there?
  2. Are you happy with your body?
    Yes- Is your current routine going to be sufficient for the long haul? Are you healthy and strong?
    No- ‘Nuff said.
  3. Do you have any health issues?
    Yes- Are these preventing you from exercising? Are you making excuses or could you benefit from a thoughtful analysis offering you alternative exercises that you could do, or that could even combat your health problems?
    No- Great! Are you doing the basic maintenance to not have health issues in the future?

Most experts agree that 150 minutes a week of moderately vigorous physical activity are optimal. Are you currently doing this amount? Physical fitness is made up of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility. Does your current program address all of these? Are you making allowances for muscular adaptation, changing up your program to counteract it?

A personal trainer can design a program to account for all these factors, making the ongoing changes as you strengthen and grow. Now, if you absolutely refuse, then I would strongly suggest getting some good books, and carefully winnowing through the online information to find the nuggets of truth in the sea of misinformation. If nothing else, take a few classes of different types, finding things to challenge you and broaden your experience. Find a knowledgeable, trustworthy source somewhere and get educated. Of course, this goes back to my pet peeve, since we have mandated health and gym classes in school. Everyone should know this stuff.


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