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We know that for good health, we all need to eat a good breakfast, consisting less of  the typical empty carbs, and more protein, fruit or veggies and whole grains. Lets not kid ourselves, all those breakfast cereals are lying when they say they are a good source of whole grain, unless the first ingredient is whole wheat, brown rice or just corn, although corn isn’t all that full of fiber even in it’s natural state. We also know a really good breakfast usually takes time to make, hence most people’s dilemma. How can we get a really good breakfast without taking a lot of time?

Let’s meet my mythical client. She’s 38, a working mother, normal body weight, and a type II diabetic, only using metform, for now. Her typical breakfast is either toast, cereal or nothing. I suggest an omelet, with onion, tomato, spinach and or peppers. The idea of spending that much time making breakfast is appalling to her. I suggest that most of the work could be done in the microwave, but it’s obvious she’s not convinced.

For someone like that, a smoothie would seem the perfect solution,  but it would have to be carefully crafted. For a diabetic, dumping fruit in their system first thing in the morning is hazardous. It would have to be mostly spinach or kale, with just enough fruit to sweeten, and some protein powder to dampen the effect of the fruit. For those who don’t know, for most diabetics, the effects of higher glycemic foods can be offset by consuming them with protein or fat, making them digest slower and not flood the bloodstream with glucose. This is the reason pumpkin pie doesn’t always raise blood sugar, along with the cinnamon.

Speaking of pumpkin  pie, that is another solution, baked oatmeal. You could easily add a can of pumpkin to most of the recipes, adding a serving of veggies to your breakfast. Here’s another recipe with the pumpkin already added. I would suggest not using a site like “allrecipes.com”, only because the people who post their recipes their are often more interested in taste than health, adding too much sugar. I do use that site for many things, just not health food.

One of my favorite breakfasts, outside my usual, is whip up 1/4 c. cornmeal and a cup of water in the microwave. Heat the water 2 minutes, briskly stir in the corn meal heat while watching till it thickens, stirring occasionally. Crack an egg on top,  and a slice of cheese, put back in for 30 seconds or until egg is cooked. Top with a heaping mound of salsa. Yum!

My usual breakfast, if you haven’t read my blog, is oatmeal, with dried cranberries, walnuts and blended kale, molasses, cinnamon and tumeric. I don’t recommend it to others, it is an acquired taste. The tumeric isn’t for taste, it’s for the anti- inflammatory properties, although anything you eat on a regular basis becomes an acquired taste.

Everyone wants to eat healthy, not take any time to do so, and have it taste really good, hence the title of this post. What is your solution? Share with us that we may all be enriched. Plus, even I get sick of the same breakfast all the time, and lunch suggestions would be good, I don’t always have left overs. Even if you have favorite bloggers or websites for ideas, share those too.

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