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Forgive my Political Rant

the white houseEvery so often, what goes on in our governments makes me crazy, and I have to vent. So if you don’t want to hear it, here’s your fair warning.

I’ll start with the federal government, since it is such a big, soft target. I listen to Jay Carney sit there and say it is irresponsible of the Republicans to either let us default or play politics with that possibility. I agree that all this is  playing politics, but how do we get into this situation? By not making any of the difficult decisions that would keep us on some kind of balanced, planned course. How about instead of castigating your rivals for a current situation, you’all sit down and MAKE A BUDGET. Jay CarneyOne that MAKES SENSE, and doesn’t bankrupt our country. This congress is like someone who has a broken leg and doesn’t want to go to the doctor, afraid of the pain of getting it set. It’s just going to hurt all the time till you do that. This has to be the weasliest pack of politicians ever. What I wouldn’t give for 5 real grownups in Washington! Both the debt ceiling and the fiscal cliff would be non issues if we had budgets passed for the last 4 years. I think the biggest problem is having a government that doesn’t have to follow it’s own laws.


That brings me to the State. I live in New York. Much like the federal government, it’s about as dysfunctional as it gets, and apparently always has been. I was listening to a NPR story about how the Tappenzee bridge got put where it was, not because it was the best place to put it, but so it would be outside the jurisdiction of the port authority. If you harbor any illusions about the innate goodness of humans, politics will cure you quick.

Angry andrew

Anyway, most of you know, Andrew Cuomo, our fearless leader, created a huge uproar with his “sweeping gun legislation” passed in the middle of the night. ( How brave!) I won’t comment on that here, enough is being said by others. I will say, does anyone else think he’s starting to look like one of Fred Gynn’s relatives? Herman MunsterWhat I wanted to comment on was something else he announced in his “State of the State” address. He wants to build non-Indian casinos all over New York State, since they are not getting along with the Indians, and revenues are not being handed over like they would like.  Now, if any of you “poo-poo” the slippery slope phenomena, it hasn’t taken us long to get from “no gambling, period” to “well, lotteries help the children” to “We’re not allowing gambling, it’s on Native territories”.  It just drives me nuts when it’s wrong until they need the money. And why do they need the money? Because just like the Feds, they can’t say no and make a smaller budget.

Ok, time to wipe the spittle off my lips from sputtering in anger. I’m better now. Till the next outrage.


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