Where we get fit and spin (wool)

I don’t always agree with Dr. Oz.  I really liked his documentaries on Netflix, but when he got his own show, it seemed he started hawking products I don’t endorse. Maybe he is just really thrilled with them, I have been known to talk about products in this blog that just knock my socks off, but supplements to help weight loss are almost always bunk, or dangerous.

This article, published in Women’s day online, is the advice that he himself follows. Everything in the article is something either I do, or would do if I wanted to lose weight. If you don’t want to follow the link, it is as follows:

  1. Eat the same breakfast every day (I do)
  2. Make dinners in bulk and freeze some. (I do, with only two of us, so any dinner is bulk!)
  3. Don’t buy everything fresh ( I freeze the fresh when it is in season, too)
  4. Find an activity you love. (Or two, or three!)
  5. Have a small portion of a treat. ( chocolate, almost daily.)
  6. If you hate to exercise, walking is good too. ( Or walking + exercise is even better)

You can see, there are no secrets here, just good solid information.


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