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If you are regular readers, you know every so often, I lose my temper and use this platform to rant about things that make me angry. Tonight, it is the way the sick and elderly are fed. This has been sparked by a tv news article about “Rich Food, Poor Food”, a book about guidance shopping for healthier food. The news blurb was talking about the aspect of the book that points out that many of the ingredients in our food are banned in other countries. I know, you’re saying to yourself “what’s the connection?”. Well, I looked the book up online, read the summary and some reviews. They were talking about how people make choices, like choosing low-fat, even if the low-fat was filled with possibly carcinogenic chemicals. That made me think about how most choices aren’t even that thoughtful, and how my friend, who is in assisted living, is being fed white bread, even though she is diabetic!

There, how is that for a connection? That’s just how my mind works. But, back to the rant at hand. So my friend in assisted living is eating hot dogs, buns, pasta and white potatoes. When my husband was in the hospital a few years ago, every meal was the epitome of things I reject – white everything, sugar everything, chemical laden, overly processed garbage. Now, all of us fitness buffs know that it isn’t too expensive or difficult to eat well. C’mon, just buy romaine instead of iceberg. Throw a bit of spinach in everything. How about real turkey instead of that gel stuff? Whole wheat should be standard, and less bread over all. The only veggies you’ll see in any kind of institution is usually green beans and corn.

We KNOW, not think, we KNOW, that diet affects health. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes,  stroke, high blood pressure, etc. Even normal aging is STRONGLY affected by what you eat. Why wouldn’t we feed the sickest and weakest among us the best? Why, if I went into the hospital, chances are I wouldn’t see an honest whole grain,  a true green leafy vegetable or an unadulterated meat the whole time I was there? Why should my sugar intake double or triple at a time I could least afford it? I’m sorry, are legumes so horrible we can’t touch them? Is turmeric evil? Are brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, and chard too expensive? I understand for some people, it would be opening them up to new foods. Maybe they might find that difficult to adjust to, but what better time to teach people about what food could be? Maybe you could offer all natural peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat for those who refuse to go further, but there is no reason to not make even moderate efforts to improve the food.

I feel better now. I bit hoarse from all that shouting, but I’m calmer now. However, if you ever hear I am in the hospital, send real chicken soup, not flowers, so I don’t succumb to whatever is wrong. And don’t hesitate to raise a stink wherever you come into contact with institutions.















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