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Do the math.

How to lose weight:

Oooh, here it is, the big secrete. At it’s heart, weight loss is a math problem. Start with your basic metabolic rate; Weight divided by 2.2, x.9(for a woman), 1 for a man , x24. That total is the number of calories it takes to keep you alive, at your current weight, the amount you burn just breathing, digesting and metabolizing, for one day. The amount of activity you do will determine the amount of calories above this will be needed to maintain weight. If you are sedentary, add 25% to that total. Moderately active, add 50%, extremely active, 75%-100%. Of course, these are estimates. You can buy devices that will actually measure your activity output.

If you want to lose weight, you need to consume 500 fewer calories than your total out put to lose weight. So take whatever total you got above, subtract 500 and that is the starting point for  weight loss.

So lets say you are a 135 lb, moderately active woman.

Divide 135 by 2.2=61.36 (your weight in Kilograms)

61.36 x.9=55.224 – How many calories an hour you burn. 55.224 x 24= 1,325.376 – or your basic metabolic rate.

1,326 x.5 = 663,  663 +1,326 =1,989- rough estimate of maintenance.

1,989-500= 1,489 -The amount of calories, roughly, that would equal weight loss. You would start with this number and see what happens. If you don’t lose weight, you know you have to dial it back. It is rough, because we don’t burn the same amount of calories at all times. There are devices like the fitbit, jawbone, or plenty of others that can help you know what to do. There are also lots of great apps to help track what you eat, and count the calories for you.

There, was that the sexy secret you were waiting for? Sorry, weight loss is not sexy. Don’t tell me you starve yourself and can’t lose weight. There are no fat people in food deprived areas.

Having said all this. The math is the easiest part. The hard part is cutting calories and not feeling hungry or deprived. You can just cut 300 calories and exercise 200 calories more worth. Making drastic cuts is not the way, since you will go back to over eating when you start to eat again. The little day to day tweaks will help, then you create a diet that you can live with for the rest of your life. Remember, it is only 500 calories a day between loss and maintenance. Since we all have binge days, all days have to be somewhat like loss, to balance out the overage days.

So go home, do the math, and start logging what you eat. Oh, and I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but people WILL lie to you, especially to sell you stuff. Weight loss supplement commercials are full of lies and half truths. Learn the facts, that will protect you from the lies.


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  1. optimisticgladness said:

    I agree. Weight loss is not sexy. It is sweaty, smelly, takes a lot of time, preparation and mental effort….but totally worth it. Thanks for this educational post!

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