Where we get fit and spin (wool)

Not everyone who smokes will die of lung cancer.
Not everyone who eats Fruit Loops and Yoo Hoo for breakfast will get diabetes.
Not everyone who believes in God will have an easy life.
Not everyone who prays will get the answer they hope for.
Not everyone who exercises will have a long life.
Everyone who smokes has less health, smells bad and is wasting money.
Everyone who eats  bad diet has less energy and health.
Everyone who believes in God has an access to a source of help and that would not otherwise be available, not to mention an Eternal reward.
Everyone who exercises will be better off than if they didn’t.

People have an interesting approach to odds. Since the bad things associated with things we want to do don’t happen to everyone, or happen later in life, people discount the odds. Later, if the bad things  happen, people appear to have a fatalistic attitude of why or how it happened. conversely, not everyone who does the right things gets a reward. We will still do the bad things assuming the bad outcome won’t happen, and we won’t try the good things to see if the good results will happen. Or, we try the good things, get the results, and abandon them anyway.  Operant conditioning training by using rewards and punishment, isn’t real life. Certainly not in the immediate sense. Humans operate under forces far more complex than chickens or dogs.

As a personal trainer, I try to get people to see past the immediate gratification of the donut, to the long term satisfaction of looking and feeling better. What  I hear is “I don’t eat them that often” “Once in awhile won’t hurt you”, or “You still have to live.” Ok, then don’t complain about your weight, your aching knees and back, or how terrible you feel. If it really was “once in a while”, it would be ok.  Except once in a while means once a week. With a muffin the next day. A hamburger with fries the next. Pizza the next. Or, my personal favorite, starve yourself all day, then “reward” yourself with the donut.

Instead of telling yourself what you’re “not going to do”, start telling yourself what you are going to do. Decide today what kind of healthy breakfast you are going to have, and prepare it ahead of time, so you aren’t rushed. Pack a healthy lunch, with snacks, so you aren’t the least bit hungry at 3 pm. Did you know that 1/2 cup plain yogurt, a banana, a cup of grapes and 4 strawberries has only 260 calories. Put that up against the candy bar and see which one takes you further!

The complaints I hear about how hard it is to do the “right things” have some validity. Our society has made it so easy to do the wrong thing, and we are reaping that harvest. So many people talk about not wanting to follow the crowd, making good choices would be the perfect way to be a rebel and follow your own way, and end up healthier and happier to boot.


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