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About me

I could put this one of two ways: 1-I’m a cranky, middle aged lady who can’t keep her mouth shut. Or 2- I’m a passionate, opinionated, expressive woman of indeterminate age. Read some entries and take your pick.

I used to live in Western New York, in the heart of the snow belt, and yes, we got belted often. While there I learned to enjoy the seasons with snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

The big guy and I out enjoying winter

Winter in Western New York

This was me.

But then we moved south, to South Carolina. I don’t freeze body parts off anymore. Considering I did get mild frostbite the winter before we moved, it was in the nick of time!

Still just as crazy.

Still just as crazy.

While my blog is a self indulgent thing, I tend to use it to vent views, facts and opinions that take up more space than is appropriate for a Facebook post. No, I don’t do Twitter, Instagram, etc., etc. Most ideas are too complicated to boil down to a picture or 140 characters. God Bless those who can do that, but I need space,  and lots of words. I started out thinking I would use it for all my hobbies, but as fitness grew as my passion as well as my business, it has boiled down to that. Occasionally I’ll throw a bone to one of my other interests. I have including catagories for faith and politics, but a internet flame war is not something I want to get into, so I tend to keep those to a minimum.

Fitness has become my public passion, because there is so much we can control about our health, but don’t, and the consequences can be devastating. So I try to do what I can to counteract all the garbage out there and add another voice to the stream of good information.



Comments on: "About me" (3)

  1. Debbie Kupka said:

    This is cool. Your not crankey.

    • You are very kind. I do tend to rant. thank you for subscribing, I believe you are the first, even though Lara reads my blog, she doesn’t subscribe. I have a recipe for you later, jello popcorn.

  2. I am restoring an old loom which appears to be exactly like the one you blogged about at https://funandfiber.wordpress.com/2011/07/, the nameless 6 heddle loom. I have discovered I am missing a part, which is easily made however. Should you still have your nameless loom have you ever posted any other pictures of it?

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