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Wh-Wh-What? Is This True?

I was reading an article by by Eric E Noreen, MS, PhD Candidate“on the benefit of fish oil for losing weight, and ran across this paragraph:

“Determined to find a way of dealing with my asthma, I started doing a lot of reading on exactly what happens when you have an asthma attack. I found out that there‚Äôs a family of chemicals called eicosanoids that are produced in response to the stimuli that causes the attack. These eicosanoids are produced from fats found in your cell membranes. The eicosanoids that are formed have different chemical properties depending on what type of fat is incorporated into them. To make a long story slightly shorter, omega-6 fatty acids are very pro-inflammatory (asthma and allergies are mainly a disease of inflammation), whereas omega 3 fatty acids (those found in fish oils) are not. Well, I quickly switched my diet. I tried to completely eliminate omega-6 fatty acids and eat as much omega-3 fatty acids as I could.”

Now if anyone lives with someone with asthma, other breathing problems, or allergies, you know what a big deal this is, if it is true. I read the titles of his references, and it was all on fat loss or insulin effects, as that was the main point of his article. Because of the rise in breathing problems and allergies, I find that one paragraph more intriguing than the rest.

What do you think? Has anyone heard of this before?

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