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Musings on the Boy Scouts

We just got back from a boy scout dinner, thanking all those who helped for the year. We were there as my husband coordinates a function between the scouts and the Field and Stream club.  It was very inspirational, and made me think about scouting and raising children today.

Scouting has made the news in the last few years more for malcontents suing it than for all the good it does. This is a shame, because when you see the opportunities it affords the boys and young men, and the results they get from these youngsters, it seems you cannot say it isn’t a positive organization. For those who argue that it excludes people, I would say, then start your own organization. People tirelessly devote themselves to running these organizations, because they believe in them. And belief is the operative word. You cannot separate actions from beliefs, and you cannot tell people that they have to change their beliefs to suit you. It reminds me of the Jewish girl who joined the Morman Tabernacle Choir, then wanted them to stop performing Christmas music because it was against her belief. Join something else. Create a Jewish Synagogue Choir. Create a gay and lesbian scout troop, or a secular humanist volunteer organization. All theses big organizations started because people saw a need and strove to fill it. Of course it is hard to start, and there is little funding, and you don’t have the resources. Did all the big organizations start big? Of course not.

Anyway, off my soapbox now. Scouts, 4-H, and other organizations do so much for kids, but they do so much for families and communities¬† too. It isn’t someone from the outside coming in and doing for you, it is all of us pulling together and doing for ourselves and each other. One guy knows woodworking, so he opens his shop to teach 6 kids. Another does leather craft, another cooking. We all have enough resources to share with some people in our community, and we should make the most of those opportunities. Everyone has some hobby or interest they could teach others. Then we aren’t just sitting in our 90’s style cocoons, vegging in front of the tv.

I guess I can’t stay off the soap box tonight. Good night folks.

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