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I Love My Dog, I Love My Dog, I…

BB overruns everyone and everything

BB overruns everyone and everything

Yes, I do love my puppies. However, I am having flashbacks to my children’s toddlerhood. You know, where you rack your brain for ways of channeling that endless energy into something, anything, that is safe and non-destructive. Where five minutes of peace and quiet to close your eyes is precious and impossible. Where all you can think of is “God, thank you for making them cute, so I don’t get too frustrated and angry!” Just like kids,  I have taken them for a walk and played with them. Moses is more than ready to lay around the house now. I gave BB a bath, clipped her toenails, took a baby bird away from her, took my things away from her, fixed the leashes she ate, let her in, let her out, let her in, let her out, let her lick the cookie sheet, played fetch, asked her in all seriousness, just when was she planning on calming down and settling down, yelled at her, petted her and spent my whole evening trying to keep her from going ballistic. I understand high energy, but it seems the older she gets, the more hyper she gets. Moses has always been a slo-mo kind of pup, but since BB got here, she is acting like an old lady, I think in self defense. How would you like it if every time you got up someone latched onto your ear or tail and pulled?

I’m watching her wrap herself in a blanket right now. Like I said, cuteness personified. And she is not a bad dog. She comes when she is called, at a dead run. She stays in the yard for the most part. She understood “drop it” the first time she heard it. Unfortunately, I have to call her and tell her to “drop it” every ten minutes! She is always picking up horse poo, bugs, dead animals, and unidentified gross objects. In order to preserve the sensibilities of the bunny huggers, I won’t discuss her hunting prowess. Since it is spring, it seems to be focused on baby animals.

She has the childlike spirit of blithe glee at every instance, and the apparent amnesia of previous experience. How can you get angry at someone who is so happy to share every moment of life with you, yet how can you not, the 40th time she asks to go out in one HOUR! Yes, like kids, there are days you can’t wait for bedtime. Unlike kids, she can be locked in a crate for the night, so I can sleep through the night, with no pee, chewed up stuff or dead animals. Peace will descend.

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